Bond-Bartlett Home
Riverside Grange Hall
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DALTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY                      Dalton, New Hampshire
No. 1 School, 1906
Wallace Farm
Hurricane of 1938
Tom Smith & Team, 1930's
John & Sophia Tenney
Tenney-Blakslee-Dannis Farm
The Sumner House
Connecticut River in
Dalton All-Stars basketball
players, 1920's
Harriman Road
washout, Spring 2011
Route 135, Spring 2011
Railroad Bridge in
Dalton, 2011
Swimmin' Hole on
Cushman Brook, 1930's
"Doanes wagon" in front of
Charles Blakslee home
The Parsonage, 2011
Dalton Town Pound
Dalton High School
Class of 1943
See enlargement for names.
No. 1 School on the "County
Road", now called Route
135.  This building still exists.
No. 1 School, 1910
See enlargement for names.